Cave Quest

Cave Quest

Cave Quest is a captivating and entertaining match-3 puzzle game

Cave Quest is an entertaining match-3 puzzle game. Unlike most match-3 puzzle games, Cave Quest is quite alert and fast-paced, it manages to connect an interesting game story with the actual gameplay in a really effective manner, all through relating the actual matching of the pieces to game progress and not limiting the connection to simple levels completion. In the game, you have to help the characters walk through the caves, which give the game its name, by matching and eliminating puzzle pieces that are on their way blocking the path. This is quite an interesting and innovative game aspect that most of other match-3 games don’t feature. Besides, I also liked other things about Cave Quest such as its colorful graphics. Though not very sophisticated and not exactly breath-taking, the graphics are nice enough to make the overall playing experience pleasant.

The game story is also pretty captivating, as it includes a lot of mysteries and adventures. You have to explore caves and labyrinths while dealing with all kinds of spells and evil spirits.

To sum it all up, Cave Quest should entertain not only the fans of match-3 puzzle games, but also the casual gamers looking for a captivating and entertaining experience.

Margie Smeer
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  • Nice graphics
  • Complex game story
  • Creative additional gameplay concepts


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